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"The true artist does not create art as an end in itself; he creates art for human beings. Humanity is the goal."  - Bronislaw Huberman, Violin Virtuoso & Humanitarian


Our Program

All of our classes are taught by instructors who not only have extensive performance experience, but also have obtained a minimum of a master’s degree, with the exception of the instructors in our acting & dance program; who have more than the equivalent in years of experience. We provide only the best instructors to our students and want them to be formally educated in their performance medium so they may one day pursue it successfully to create a fulfilling life and career.


Currently, our organization provides:


  • Classes in violin, piano, voice, percussion, yoga, tae kwon do, acting, creative writing/spoken word, & dance

  •  Student Instruments

  • Tutors to help each student excel in their academic studies

  • A "motivational" child psychology graduate student intern

  • Mentorship

  •  Field trips to museums, concerts, and other places/activities that are edifying to our students hearts and minds

  • “Enrichment Hour”, once a week all of our classes gather together for a participatory screening/discussion to introduce our students to new music, artwork, scientific research & discoveries, various places all over the world & the cultures within, literature, inspiring news & success stories, and we set weekly goals for each student; such as, getting an A+ on an algebra exam, picking up “x” amount litter throughout the week, doing “x” amount of selfless deeds, etc. Discuss each students achievements from the previous week, and discuss each students future aspirations and how to achieve them

  • Solo & group performances that are held publicly, twice a year

  • Costumes and other proper attire for their performances


In the very near future, our organization will also provide:


  • A location in every major city across the globe

  • A location, outside of our students schools (where are classes are currently held) to provide our them a place where they can have class, practice, study, play, collaborate, eat a healthy meal, and hang out.

  • “Student Sponsors” will provide a student with whatever instrumet & equipment they need,

  • fund all or a portion of a students preparatory school and/or college tuition, provide school books & materials for the student

  • College application counseling

  • Summer Camps



By providing these opportunities we are helping these children to flourish. We are changing their environment, their way of thinking, their way of being, and giving them purpose in life. This in turn changes the community. Doing so will directly reduce all crime and poverty in that community over time.


Help us extend our reach to ALL schools and the students in need! We need your support to make this happen!




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