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New World Symphony has partnered with us to provide our students with free admission to performances, screenings, and rehearsels. This is imperative in the development of the children we work with to help expose them to new music and introduce them to other musicians who have successfully pursued an education and career in their performance medium. Thanks to NWS we are able to provide even more inspiration to our students and further broaden their horizons. For more information visit:

Inner City Youth Performing Arts has partnered with University of Miami's School of Education & Human Development, so that our facilities may be utilized as a Practicum Site for Graduate Students in Community & Social Change. For more information on their Community & Social Change program, visit:


We are very excited to work with their programs graduates, so that we may better provide for our students, our communities, and the future we all share; by capitalizing on this opportunity to work with like-minded individuals who are, also, passionate about changing this world for the better.

Allegro Music Center has partnered with us to provide our students the instruments they need. Because of their generousity our students are able to dedicate themselves outside of the classroom. This has also enabled our students to perform together, publicly. These are vital aspects of our program to truly engage them. For more information on Allegro Music Center visit:

Art Studio Miami and ICYPA collaborate regularly, as our ultimate goals are the same, along with the demographic we reach out to. They have been a blessing and together we have been better able to provide for our students. For information on Art Studio visit:

Master Sang's TNT provides Tae Kown Do and Thai Kickboxing to many areas throughout South Florida. Master Sang himself has been teaching Tae Kwon Do for over twenty years and has had a huge impact on the youth within South Florida. We are honored to partner with him and his team. Thanks to them we can now provide our students with martial arts training and the disciplines there in. 

La Bonne Vie Inc. is an all-natural skin care company that shares our philosophy and has partnered with us to donate 1% of sales to our organization. It is because of generous corporations like this that we are able to continue providing for our students.

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